Thursday, 14 August 2014

TV Spotlight {4} - Faking It

This week's spotlighted programme is:

You may have heard of Faking It. You may not have. It's received quite a bit of buzz since its inception, and despite a few misgivings and a huge expectation that it would be horrible (like some of MTV's other recent projects, not to name names), I have to admit that I love this show. So much. Way beyond I ever thought I could. The season one teaser trailer (above) doesn't do a good job of showing what this show is really about.
At its core, Faking It is the story of a girl who discovers that she has a huge, impossible, irrepressible crush on her best friend. To make matters worse, said best friend has convinced her to pretend to be a lesbian couple in order to increase their social standing within their school. 
Amy (the super cute blonde played by Rita Volk) and Karma (the gorgeous brunette played by Katie Stevens) have been best friends forever. They are also each others' only friends. And Karma is dead set on changing that, especially if it means catching the eye of Liam, whom she believes herself to be madly in love with. Given Amy's feelings for Karma and Karma's feelings for Liam, it's inevitable that things get a bit (a lot) messy.
This face actually hurts my soul. My poor Amy!
I'll admit that when this show came out, I was really confused and kind of offended by its premise. A pair of cute, feminine girls pretending to be lesbians to become popular? What kind of alternate universe to they live in in which being gay makes you popular? Especially considering that this show takes place in Texas, of all places. But surprisingly, it kind of works. It's so much less offensive that I imagined, and I'm fully dedicated to seeing this show through to the bitter end, if only because I'm utterly in love with Amy Raudenfeld. 
There are a few unfortunate moments, namely an encounter that occurs in the final episode of the first season that really pissed me off but that I am not going to spoil here. But if you ask me, the fact that I'm still upset about it means that this show is doing something right. You can't get mad about something that you don't care about, and it just goes to show that I really do care about this show. And as infuriating as Karma can be at times, and as much as I sometimes want to throw things at her and tell her to wake the fuck up, I get it. She's a fifteen year old girl. She may be selfish and blind to what's going on around her, but so was I at fifteen.
So fucking accurate.
I'm really excited to see what happens in season two, which starts at the end of September. Honestly, all I want on this show is to see Amy happy. And also maybe for hottie-douche-face (Liam) to fuck off a little bit. Not such lofty demands, right??

Do you watch Faking It? Have you seen commercials for it or spotted gifsets on tumblr? You should go marathon it right now. It's only like 12 episodes and they're only 20 minutes long. You could knock that out in like a day, easy!

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