Review Policies

There are few books that I won’t consider reading and reviewing. I primarily review various sub-genres of young adult literature, though I am more hesitant to read paranormal fiction due to its tendency to be romance-based rather than plot or character-driven. I am also partial to middle grade books and urban fantasy. I do not review erotica or romance novels.

I accept requests for self-published works, but reserve the right to publish unflattering reviews or to abstain from reviewing if I am unable to finish the book in good consciousness. I will not read more than five pages if there are glaring and repeated grammatical errors or a lack of editing.

The reviews on this blog are entirely my own opinions. They do not reflect the literary merit of a book. I do not write exclusively positive reviews, I post my honest feelings and thoughts about a book.

I gladly welcome advance copies of books for reviews (though I don’t expect to receive any in the near future).

Please contact me at if you have any questions, requests, or concerns that are not addressed here.

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