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My gorgeous face

I'm Rose, the woman behind the blog. I'm a twenty-something feminist who has been engaged in a torrid affair with books since early childhood. I was the kid in first grade taking home chapter books because the books for kids my age were way too easy.

I'm in school studying Women's Studies (with a minor in English Lit) right now on a lovely island off the West Coast of Canada. I'm going to be a librarian one day in the future. I read a lot of stuffy, so-called "literature" for school, so on my downtime I like to read things that are entertaining rather than enlightening. And occasionally I get both in one book, which is a real treat.

I speak a teeny tiny bit of French, but far too little to pass if I wanted to go to Quebec. My French skills are truly abominable for a Canadian.

I'm not actually super vain, I just pretend to be. They do say that confidence becomes real if you fake it long enough!

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